Make New Habits Stick

Build a habit in 3 weeks using the Two-Day Rule.

What is the Two-Day Rule?

It's simple.When you're building a new habit, never skip two days in a row.Why does it work? One word: consistency.

How It Works

1️⃣ Commit to a Habit 💪

Pick a habit (e.g working out) and lock it in with a refundable deposit!

2️⃣ Check In Daily 🗓

For 3 weeks, take a minute every day to report whether you did the habit.

3️⃣ Earn Your Deposit Back 💰

Get your deposit back if you never skip two days in a row.*Minus a $1 card fee


How long is the program?
It lasts 3 weeks.
Can I pick any habit?
Yes, you set your own goal!
Do you verify that I did it?
No. You self-report it via a daily check-in.
How do check-ins work?
Every day, you report on the app whether you did the habit. It's due at 11:59pm (local time).
What if I forget to check in?
We give a 12 hour grace period. After that, the day is counted as a skip.
What if I break the Two-Day rule?
If you skip two days in a row, you lose your deposit.
When is my deposit returned?
You get your full deposit back (minus a $1 card fee) if you stuck to the Two-Day rule for the entire program, i.e never skipped two days in a row.
What does the program cost?
To participate, you only need a $17 deposit.
If you stick to the Two-Day Rule, you get your full deposit back (minus a $1 card fee).If you don't, you lose the deposit.TLDR: $1 if you succeed, $17 if you fail.Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, it's what makes this work. It holds you accountable to building a new habit.
Isn't that why you're here?I have another question.
Shoot me an email: me <at>

About Me

Hi, I'm Suket!I've helped hundreds of people transform their habits through consistency and accountability.I hope this program does the same for you!